Super seisyun brothers album

Song: Watashi ni Naritai Watashi (私になりたい私)

By: Rokugen Alice (六弦アリス)

The album will be out on 2014-01-29

Lyrics (Tv version)Edit

Romaji                                                                                  English Translation

Kitto dare mo ga naritai                                                             I'd really like to be someone different            Watashi ni nara ma ii ka wa                                                       If I had one wish, that's what I'd pick       Tsukamanai hoshikage no                                                        Thanks to this falling star                 
Kotoba de yume wo miru                                                           I can see it happen in my dreams
Demo hontou wa dare mo ga                                                     But back in reality
Naritai mono ni nareru                                                              We get used to who we really are
Dakara watashi ashita mo made                                               That's why I always
Watashi wo ikeruno desu                                                         Live my life to its fullest


超青春姐弟s Super Seisyun Brothers ED TV00:32

超青春姐弟s Super Seisyun Brothers ED TV.size【Super Seisyun Brothers -超青春姉弟s-】-0


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