Mako Saitou
Kanji Name 斉藤 マコ
Romaji Name Mako Saitou
Gender Female
Age 20
School/Work Waitress at a restaurant
Anime Appearance Episode 1
Mako is the older sister of the Saitō siblings and is a part-time worker outside. Her education status is unknown.


She has purple hair and greenish-yellow eyes.


Just like her little brother she can be pretty quiet, but she can also be straight forward. She also has a weird side where she is seen practicing an alien language with her hand puppet in the first episode of the anime. Beside that she is an idol otaku.

Mako's dream is to save the world being a heroine by defeating anyone in her way which is similair Chiko's dream which is to conquer the world.

It was stated that she has a brother complex in episode 12. 


Puppet 1

Mako with her puppet